Monday, May 27, 2013

   Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? I hope everything is going well for all of you! We had a pretty interesting week here in Atsugi. Not a whole lot that actually went on, but the things that did happen were really exciting.
Usually apartments here have names to make
them sound really nice even if they aren't.
However these are just the "OK Apartments"
and I'd have to agree haha!
So earlier in the week we decided to go visit a less active member that our ward mission leader had asked us to go visit. We looked at the map, and found out he lives about 20 Kilometers away. We figured that 20 Kilometers wouldn't be too bad of a bike ride. It would take some time, but it wouldn't be difficult. What we found out after we left and while we were on the way there, is that there's a huge mountain on the way, and we have to go over it. We start riding up it, but we didn't realize it was a mountain. Because the road curved and there were lots of trees, we just figured it was one of the many hills out here. But as the road kept curving out of sight, and we kept getting to the next point where I thought it must surely peak, it just kept going up. Even when we finally got to the other side, the entire landscape was sloped uphill. It made for a great ride home, but getting there wasn't quite so easy as we were expecting. It seems that events were determined to work against me that day, because after we rode our bikes over the mountain and we made it back home, when all was said and done, I got hit in the face by 3 (rather large) bugs, and 1 car. Haha! Ok, that sounds alot worse than it really is. I didn't actually get hit by a car, I almost did. That's a fun story too. While we were riding home, I riding behind Elder Hoshino. This car passes me, but then goes to turn left (remember, in Japan you drive on the left side of the road), which means she was about to turn right into me. I hit the brakes, but I'm not stopping fast enough, so I squeeze even harder. The bike starts to flip, but instead of getting thrown I just dumped the bike and jumped. I was heading right for the passenger side door, so as I was in the air I hit the window with my hand and pushed off so that instead of hitting the door I went off at an angle and missed the car completely. I landed on my feet, and the car immedietly stopped, as I'm sure you would too if you suddenly heard a really loud thud on your window and then a person appears in front of your car. I look at the woman who's driving, and wouldn't you know it, she's on her cell phone. She was really scared, and wouldn't believe me when I told her I was ok and wasn't hurt. All that happened is my bike got a new battle scar. So yeah, that's that. I'm sure my Mom wasn't happy when she heard about that, but I think it's a fun story. Haha!
   So I was told by one of the other missionaries in the district that Atsugi has a history of having all of its investigators stolen. I can see why. So far every new investigator I've found since getting here, with the exception of one, we've ended up referring to other places. We found an American, and after teaching him only one lesson found out he actually lives near Akihabara, so we referred him to the missionaries over there. We've found a couple of Philipinos, but since they don't really speak Japanese that well, we're probably going to send them over to the missionaries in Yamato since there's an English branch there. We even have an investigator from Uganda that they found before I came here, but he's going to be referred to the Yamato missionaries as well since thy have the English branch, and there are several members in the branch from Africa. In fact, the only investigator we've found these last two weeks that we get to hang on to is Vietnamese, and he doesn't really speak Japanese or English, so we'll see what happens with him. I'm not sure why we can't find any Japanese investigators. I mean, we are living in Japan after all. haha!
   That's about all for now. I hope you're all having a great time! Enjoy your summer break! Well, those of you that have summer break anyway. For those of us who have no summer break, good luck! Keep up the hard work! Haha!

Elder Blake

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