Monday, June 10, 2013

   Hey Everyone! How's it going? I hope everyone is doing well! That 110 degree weather sounds absolutely delightful right now... Haha! Ok, seriously, that's one thing about Arizona, as great of a place as it is, that I don't miss. But, the humidity in Japan isn't that fun either, so it all balances out.
   But yeah, so anyways, It's been an interesting week here in Atsugi. Right now we're really working hard to get some solid investigators, so a majority of our time right now is spent finding. That means this weeks letter might be a little short, because even though we've been busy, there hasn't really been too much this last week that's actually happened, if that makes any sense. There were some good moments though.
   On Wednesday, the area president Elder Ringwood did a mission tour, so we went to Fujisawa and had a conference there. A portion of it was opened up for QandA, and a lot of questions about the upcoming mission split were asked. From what it sounds like, pretty much all that's gonna happen is we're gonna get transfer calls like usual, and then whichever mission you happen to be in on the day of the mission split is the mission you stay in. So, that means this next transfer in two weeks will decide who goes to the Tokyo South Mission, and who stays in the Tokyo Mission. Both missions will still have laptops, and both missions will still have a temple day even though the temple is in the Tokyo mission. Other than that, not much was really said about it. One funny part from the conference though, after lunch, Elder Ringwood got up to speak again, and he was talking about the cinnamon rolls that Sister Budge had made. There was a sign by them that said "1 per missionary". Elder Ringwood thought they were pretty good, and jokingly tried to convince Sister Budge to let him have seconds. He said, "I even told her I wasn't a missionary!" Everyone laughed a little. President Budge, sitting on the stand behind him, says just loud enough to hear, "Every member a missionary!" Everyone almost died laughing then.
   Later in the week we were having a lesson with Andrew, an investigator from Uganda. Because he speaks English, he's going to attend church in the Zama branch, so we asked the missionaries over there to come join in on the lesson so that Andrew could know them already when he goes to church. One of them, Elder Peterson, is from California. Why do I mention that? I will explain. During Andrew's lessons, there's always a portion of time set aside just for him to ask questions, because he always has a lot. So we're talking about degrading morals in today's society or something like that, and Andrew just after mentioning how loose some moral standards had become said casually and almost without thinking, "Which we have courtesy of you, California", and he gestured to Elder Peterson. Elder Hoshino didn't think it was that funny (because he doesn't speak English that well and didn't catch it), but Elder Posy and I could barely contain our laughter. For some reason, the fact that he's from Uganda and not from the states made it that much more funny.
   So, like I said, it's not the longest letter in the world, but that's what I've got for you this week. Hopefully there will be some more exciting news to share next time. Take care everyone! Enjoy!

Elder Blake

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