Monday, March 18, 2014

Cherry Blossoms
Hey Everyone! Sorry This week will be kinda short. I'm kinda pressed for time. It was great to hear from all of you though! It sounds like you all bad a pretty good week.

Last week didn't have too much that went on that was terribly exciting. We did manage to meet up with a young guy named Sato Shota who we had met once before. He came to the church, and we played ping-pong for a bit before doing a church tour. He seems to be kinda interested in the church, but we'll see what happens as we get to meet with him more.

Thursday we had a zone meeting that was pretty fun. Everyone in our zone has been picking up their performance as of late. Elder Call and I are really proud of them. There have been a lot of new companionships that just opened up in this zone this last transfer, which means they're basically starting from nothing. Despite that though, they're all trying really hard to get work done. It's great.

After the zone meeting we had exchanges with the Kamiooka Elders. I stayed in zyamate and got to work with Elder Staheli. It was terrible weather all day. Just grey, rainy, and cold. We ended up going to a shopping center called World Porters and just wandered around talking with people inside all day. That worked out rather nicely. Inside, dry, and still contacting people.

Today we had zone p-day. We went and played frisbee in a nearby park and had a picnic lunch. We were able to get some pretty nice pictures of some cherry blossoms ( which are now coming into season), and just have a good time. We finished up with that around 3 and went out to hit the streets for a few hours before it got dark. We went over to Yamashita Park where there was a huge cruise ship at shore called the Queen Elizabeth. It was massive. Tons of people went to go see the ship at harbor, which meant there were tons of people to talk to. We
ended up having such a successful time of it that we didn't get back to the church until almost 7, which doesn't leave us with much time before we gotta head out again to go to back to the apartment.

Love you all! Looking forward to hearing from you all again next week!

Elder Blake

Ping pong with Shota before
the church tour

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