Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey Everyone!

It was another good week this last week. There was a bit of a cold snap, but it's pretty warm again now. The work is coming along, and we're having a blast doing it.

Later on in the week, Elder Young and I were heading off to a district meeting in Kamiooka. We're riding the train, and start talking with this guy. He's super nice and friendly, and works as a design engineer for Nissan. Elder Young loves cars, and was able to become friends rather quickly because if it. As we arrive at our final destination, we tell this man that we're about to get off, and he tells us he is too. He then told us that he actually had gotten on the wrong train and had to back-track a ways. That coupled with the fact that during the course of our conversation he told us that he usually has work on the day that we met him made me think to myself that there is no reason he should have been where he was at the time he was in order to meet us. But, he was there, and we met him. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Our picture with those high school
kids playing frisbee
One day all four of us were out together in Yamashita Park, and we saw a group of 5 high school boys playing frisbee. We decided to see if we could join in and play for a little bit. We walked on over and I put up my hands, signaling for him to throw me the frisbee. He threw it to me and I passed it back. They all seemed excited at the prospect of playing frisbee with 4 white guys. We quickly joined in, and while we were throwing the frisbee around we were able to talk with them and get to know them. A couple of them really like English, so we were able to invite them to English class. After a little bit, we're about to head off, but they wanted a picture with us. We take one, and then this woman walks over with a really nice camera and tells us that she's trying to capture the image of highschool. I'm not sure if it was for a news paper, or a magazine, or something else, but she asked if she could take our picture too. No objections here. So who knows, somewhere in some newspaper out there, there's probably a picture of the four of us missionaries with these high school boys. 

Saturday was an interesting day. Elder Young and I were over at an investigator's home, and they had prepared lunch for us. We were eating ramen, and it was a little spicy but only enough for a good taste, not spicy enough for it to actually burn or anything. Elder Young then leans over to me and asks if my lips are burning. Nope. He
said his were, and asked our investigator what was in the ramen. The husband grabs the package and starts reading off the ingredients. Turns out there was cashew paste in the ramen. Elder Young is highly allergic to nuts. Well crap. Elder Young noticed it pretty early on, so we were able to make it to the apartment and he got some meds. He looked pretty miserable though. We had another appointment at 3, which gave him a couple hours to rest. I would have preferred him to stay and rest more, but he pushed himself and we made our appointment. He was definitely not his usual self all day though. I guess he's gonna have to start asking what's in his ramen from now on. 

Love you guys!

Elder Blake

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