Monday, April 07, 2014

Hey Everyone! 

Thanks for your emails. It was great to read them. Sounds like everyone had a pretty good week, and it sounds like conference was pretty good as always. I'm looking forward to watching it all next weekend. We had another great week out here in Yamate as always. There were a couple of exciting things that went on. 

It's been pretty interesting getting used to using Facebook as a missionary. It's actually pretty funny how many people there are out there are willing to exchange Facebook information but not a phone number or an email address. We have several individuals that we've met in the past weeks that we can keep in contact with through Facebook. We'll actually be meeting up with one of them again this next Friday. I'm excited for that. 

Saturday was a really good day. We went to the Park with a part member family, and the wife brought several of her friends too. We were able to get to know several of them really well and share about what we do as missionaries and the church a little bit. That was a great opportunity. Later that same day we went out with one of our PI's Shouta. He just got accepted into college, and he's really busy, but he was able to make some time for is on Saturday to go bowling together. Some or our new members, Eriko and Tomoko Sato came along as well, and they fellowshipped Shouta really well. We had already invited Shouta to a fireside at the Stake Center, and without knowing that we had, Eriko and Tomoko invited him to come too! I really hope that he's able to make it. 

That's about it that I can think of. Everything else is either mushed together in my head, or not exciting to talk about. Hope you all have a great week again this week! 

Love you!

Elder Blake

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