Monday, February 25, 2013

The largest whisk I have ever seen!
I could fit my head inside.

   Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great week! Things have been fairly well for us over here as well. It's been really cold and windy the last few days. March is coming though, so it should be warming up soon. There hasn't been a whole lot that's happened this week, but there are a few interesting things that went on.
   Thursday we went to the Hospital with Tasuku to visit Brother Comba. Tasuku has his mission call to Australia and he leaves soon, so we've been trying to get him out with us to do some missionary work. Conveniently, he has a drivers license, so he was able to take us to the hospital. Anyways, we showed up, went up to where Brother Comba was staying, and they told us that he wasn't there anymore. He had gone home. Well, that suprised us. He was supposed to be there for another two weeks at least. We gave him a call, and he's doing well, so that's good. Tasuku was a good sport about the whole thing. We felt kinda bad for having him take us all the way out to the hospital only to have to turn around and go home.
Apparently Elder Mangum likes
to doodle during scripture study
   Later in the week I got a call from the Elders over in Urayasu. They've been working with Sister Ishihara's son, Nobuki, because he lives on his own over in that area. Well, turns out that he's getting baptized on March 3rd! I'm really excited about that. Hopefully this will be a good incentive for his dad and brother to get baptized now too. I heard that apparently his Dad is started to stop drinking, so that's a good sign. I really hope this whole family will be baptized while I'm still out here. That would just be the best, to see this family all join the church and then make it to the temple.
   Sorry this week is so short. We've been pretty busy, but alot of our time has been spent looking for new investigators. Hopefully next week I'll have some more fun stories to share. Talk to you all later!

Elder Blake

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