Monday, February 18, 2013

   Hey Everyone! Things were actually pretty great for us over here in Ushiku this last week. Elder Mangum is a way fun guy. I don't think I mentioned this last week, but he's actually from Chandler. He lives just on the other side of the 202 off of Elliot. Way close. But, like I said, things have been good over here. It's gotten a bit colder recently, but pretty soon it should be warming up for good now that spring is around the corner.
   So valentine's day was last week. We didn't do anything particularly out of the ordinary. Just another day. But, there are a few other fun stories from this week. First of all, on Friday, Elder Mangum and I went out streeting for a while after zone meeting. We decided to just go out and keep on going far past our usual places. We wound up in an area of town I'd never been before, and we stopped in at a convenience store so Elder Mangum could use the bathroom. While we were in there, we bumped into a lady who recognized us. She's from Thailand, and she was asking us if we knew some lady named Mayumi. Apparantly she's Brazilian and goes to our church. Neither of us knew who she was talking about. She told us that Mayumi just so happened to live in some apartments just down the road, and described where they were at. Well, Elder Mangum figured we'd drop by, say hello, and see if maybe we did know this Mayumi person after all. We found the apartment, but nobody was home. We decided to knock on the doors of the nearby apartments, and one of the doors was opened up by this young Woman in her early 20's. Turns out they had just moved into that apartment the day before and were still in the process of unpacking. She's married and has a little girl who's about a year old, and she seemed way interested in the church. That was pretty much the only decent conversation we got with anyone just about all day. We got permission to go back when her husband was home and share a message, so we'll be doing that sometime this week. We'll see if that ends up going anywhere or not.
   Saturday we were able to meet with the Bishop and sit down and talk about specific families he wanted us to work with in the Ward and how to help them. He even went over with us which members to work with to help these less active families. It was great! He's got lots of fire, and he's really excited about the work. The Bishop here is a total boss. When something gets brought to his attention, he takes care of it right then. We mentioned to him that our investigator was in the hospital for treatment for his glaucoma, and he volunteered to take us to the hospital to visit him. We asked him if he had had a chance to get a list put together of families he wanted us to visit. He hadn't, so he talked with us about those families right then and there. It's great. Having the Bishop on your side makes the work go so much smoother.
    Sunday was just an interesting day all around. After church but before everyone went home there was some guy that walked in on his own. He said he wanted to listen to some people talk, and we told him that church was already ended. He said he'd come back next time then, so who knows if we'll ever see him again. I wonder if he might have been homeless. His teeth were pretty nasty and he smelled like he hadn't showered for a while... we'll see. After that we were supposed to have a practice lesson with the Sato family, but they ended up having to move it to another day. After that we went to the hospital with the Bishop to go see Brother Comba. Apparently, there's an area 70 called Elder Nishihara that lives in the Ushiku Ward, and he was staying in the same hospital as brother Comba. They both have eye problems, so they both were staying on the same floor too. We figured it would be a good opportunity to introduce them, and then they could still talk about church even when we weren't there. So that's what we did. Elder Nishihara is way cool, and really friendly. He got along great with Brother Comba. So yeah, we had a general authority teach a lesson with us. That was pretty cool. Before we left we gave Brother Comba a blessing. The Spirit was way strong, and I'm sure that it will have a great influence on Brother Comba's progression. So yeah, it was a great day.
   That's about it for now. I hope everyone has a great week this week! more to come next week!

Elder Blake

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