Monday, March 25, 2013

   Hey Everyone! It's Monday morning here in Japan, and it's still pretty dark out. The sky is just a wall of gray, it's drizzling, and the wind is blowing. But! Today should be a good day. We have quite a bit planned for the day, so that's exciting. It's been a pretty good week over here. Not much that's super exciting, but there's been some fun things that have happened here and there.
Funny comic
   The week before last, the Comba family sent us home with some extra food after a lesson, but they needed the dish back. Wednesday we went to return their dish, but first we decided to fill it with candy and put a thank you card in it. Conveniently I had a package that had just come they day before, so we had plenty of candy to use. We took it over there, and they loved it. Unfortunately, we also found out their two little girls were sick with the stomach flu. By the time the weekend rolled around, they had all gotten it, so we weren't able to have our lessons with them this week, but they seem to be doing well. Other than being sick that is.
   Saturday night while Elder Mangum and I were riding back to our apartment, we got stopped at a light. While we were waiting, I looked off to the side and saw one of our investigators who had disappeared on us, standing there talking on the phone just a few yards away. I pedaled over, waited until she noticed me, waved, then went back to the light. She waved back, but couldn't talk since she was on the phone. I didn't think too much of it, until the next day at church she showed up. After sacrament meeting we had a lesson with her. Found out that she hadn't been planning on going to church until she saw us the night before, and then she decided that she should probably go since it's been so long. That was pretty cool.
Elder Mangum staring at cherry blossoms
   After Church on Sunday we went out and hit the streets for a bit. After a little bit we found some guy that seemed pretty interested. Turns out he lives pretty close to the church, and he was going home, so we walked with him for almost 20 minutes all the way to the church just talking about different things about the gospel. When we finally got to the church he wouldn't trade numbers, so off he goes on his merry way. That was a bummer. As I was putting a card I had used back in my bag, I realized that my camera was missing. Big bummer. I figured it must have fallen out when I pulled the card out of my bag. We retraced our steps, hoping that nobody had picked it up. I had pulled the card out just before we crossed a light, so I was figuring that it should probably be around that intersection somewhere. When we got to the at intersection the light was red, but we could see a guy on the other side on a bike looking at something on the ground. He starts poking it with his foot, then picks it up and puts it in his bike basket. Yup, it was my camera. So, I called out to him from across the street. I think I scared him pretty badly on accident. I was a little louder than I had intended so he could hear me through the traffic. He had the guiltiest face ever. It was pretty funny, actually. Talk about good timing, right? But, it all ended well though. I now have my camera back safe and sound.
   That's about it for this week! sorry it's so short! Next week is transfers, so we'll see if I'm still in Ushiku or not when next Monday rolls around. Later!

Elder Blake

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