Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello everyone! Thing are finally starting to cool off here in Japan, and the humidity is now no longer quite as ridiculous of a problem as it was before. Hopefully things are starting to cool off for you guys back in Arizona as well. It is almost October after all.
Well, things have been good this last week. We've been meeting alot with our investigator Jonas. He's doing well, and he's hoping that he'll get his work permit this week. We were also able to meet with Jun again after he got back from his trip to Korea. We've also been able to get to know some of the members a bit better over the course of this last month, because we've been able to have dinner with 2-3 familes a week lately. The members here are great. They're all super willing to help out, and they do a great job of befriending anyone we bring with us to church.
So even after I've left the MTC, the world still isn't getting any bigger. This last week we did exchanges with the Zone leaders, so I stayed in Yamato and worked with Elder Fuller for the day. He's from Idaho, but it turns out that his uncle lives in Gilbert. Not only that, but his uncle actually lives less than two miles away. Pretty crazy, huh?
This weeek we also went and visited Brother Foster, a Nigerian brother that was baptized earlier this year. He made some Nigerian stew for us. The stew was pretty spicy, but it was really good. I guess in Nigeria they usually eat it with a banana. I never would have thought to eat spicy stew with a banana, but it was actually really delicious. I'm definitly going to be playing around with that a little bit.
Um... well, that about sums up the highlights from this week. haha! doesn't really sound like a whole lot happened, did it? Well, It was still a good week anyway, and we've been working hard. Maybe next week I'll have some more interesting stories to share. I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you to those of you who have sent letters recently! If you haven't gotten a response back yet, it's either in the mail or will be soon! More later!
Elder Blake

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