Monday, September 17, 2012

   Well another week has gone by here in good old Yamato City. So this last week has been fairly interesting, but also fairly quiet. Elder Christensen and I recently made friends with some bums who hang around the Yamato station. One of them is Brazillian, and he called out to us, so we went over and talked with him. Now every time we see him or his friends, we say hello and chat for a few minutes. so yeah, that's always exciting.
   This week we went on splits with our district leader. I went to Fujisawa with Elder Welch, who is actually on his last transfer right now, so he'll be going home in october. It was a really neat expecience to be able to work with him. He has a really interesting perspective and approach to missionary work. He really took it to heart when he was taught to use his talents to further the work in his own way. He's a really crafty guy, and likes making things. He's almost always making something as a gift for his investigators. For example, while we were out and about together, we were also keeping our eyes open for rocks we could use to make a prayer rock (you leave it on your pillow as a reminder to pray before going to bed) for one of his investigators. something simple, easy, and inexpensive. He's always doing little things like that. I think it's great that he's found a way to put his talents to use.
   Saturday Elder Christensen and I went to the flea market they have at the station every 3rd saturday of the month with some of the members from the ward. It's always fun to look around and see what kind of things will be there for sale. Alot of it is junk, a bit of it is overpriced, but there's alot of really neat stuff too. That night Elder Christensen and I went to kendo class with Iwano, one of our students in the english class we teach every week. He's a 7th degree blackbelt in kendo. pretty cool stuff.
    Sunday was actually a really great day. One of our investigators, Ito, dropped off the map almost 6 weeks ago. We haven't been able to get in touch with him or meet him except for the one time we ran into him at the station for a few minutes. He couldn't talk for long though, because he had somewhere he needed to be. So Sunday he shows up for church, out of the blue. What a nice suprise. He says that he'll be able to meet more regularly now, so I'm looking forward to that.
   So I have a funny story from today. When Elder Christensen and I were getting lunch, we were sitting down at this table next to a Japanese man and his teenage son. On the other side of this Japanese man, a woman and two boys about 5 or so come and sit down. While the mom is gone to buy food, these two little boys are being typical little boys and goofing around a little. The Japanese man is watching them, and when the boys notice, they start saying (in japanese obviously) "what're you looking at?". To which the man responded "you!" and started laughing. Haha! Those little boys were so funny.
   That's about all for this week. I hope everyone is doing well! Stay safe, and enjoy the weather as it starts to cool off!

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