Monday, September 03, 2012

Well hello everyone! It's been another week here in Japan, and things have been looking good. The weather has been fantastic the last few days, and just dumping buckets of rain in the morning. It usually clears up by noon, but it's been a change of pace from the sunny skys that we've seen almost every day since I got here in June. Now that it's September, the seasons should start to turn in the next few weeks. The tree right outside our apartment window already has a few leaves starting to change color. I'm not sure why, because it's still in the high 80's almost every day, but regardless! The leaves are begining to change!
So, just to go over a few of the highlights this week, first and foremost is Jun Granada. I mentioned him a few weeks ago. He's the philipino who met with the missionaries forever ago, and the very first sunday after we met him the missionary who first found him showed up at church while he was visiting Japan. Well, he's been pretty busy, but we were able to have a lesson with him, and has accepted the invitation to be baptized. Exciting, right? He's still got a ways to go, seeing as how he's only had one lesson, but it's a step in the right direction for sure. So that's exciting.
Everyone else is progressing well. It's a little difficult to meet with alot of them sometimes, because everyone is really busy, but it is Japan after all. Not many people have a whole lot of free time. I do have some good news about one of the new members in the Zama Branch though! Brother Mensah, one of the Nigerian brothers, moved to Japan around December of 2011. He was baptized in March, and has been struggling to find a job ever since he came to Japan back in Febuary. He was finally able to get a work permit, and he finally found a job! We're all way excited for him. His job is clear on the other side of Tokyo though, which means he's going to have to move. We're a little sad to see him go, but we're still happy that he was able to land a job finally. He's a really humble guy, and he's got a great spirit about him.
That's about it for this week. Everything else has just been more of the same. Thanks for all of your support! I got a few unexpected letters this last week, so that was really exciting to hear what's been going on with all of you. Responses to those will be coming soon!

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