Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Note: This is the letter that Aaron wrote for the family. He ended up not having time to write another one just for the blog.
Well, things have been quite interesting the last few weeks. Every day here at the MTC, we all get just a little more strange than the day before.... Then again, that probably has something to do with the fact that we're all a bunch of 19 year old guys stuck in a classroom for 12+ hours a day. It's totally worth it though. Lots of fun stuff happens to balance it all out. Sorry I wasn't able to write last week. I'm assuming you got my letter explaining that I was locked out of my email because somebody had left the computer in Spanish, so my password kept getting screwed up. I didn't realize until after I had been locked out why it kept rejecting my password. So now I know, I need to double check what language my computer is set to before I try to do anything.
My teachers here at the MTC are totally awesome. Clark Sensei, our main teacher, is a total fireball, and super goofy. Just the other day, he was sharing with us a story about how he came home late one night and saw a couple of girls on the curb just a few houses down the street who were totally wasted. He thought it was sad, and wanted to see if there was anything he could do to help them. He had a bag of gummy bears in his car, so he went to go get them. While he's telling this story, a couple of native Japanese missionaries who are here at the MTC walked by our open classroom door just in time to hear him shout, "Hey, want some gummy bears?!" Haha! That was great. The Japanese elders gave him some pretty funny looks, Clark Sensei about died of embarrassment, and we all about died laughing.
Every Sunday our branch of missionaries going to japan has our own separate sacrament meeting. They always randomly select two missionaries to give 5 minute talks in Japanese, but they never announce who it is, so everyone is supposed to prepare talks. We were told that since we were new we could pretty much count on not being called on, and not to worry about it. I decided to prepare a talk anyway, because I figured it wouldn't hurt, and they know that I've studied Japanese before. It's a good thing I did, because wouldn't you know it, I was asked to speak during my first sacrament meeting at the MTC (since the first Sunday was fast Sunday). So that was exciting.
Last night, just for fun, some of us went through our textbook "Learning to Read the Book of Mormon in Japanese", and used the kanji dictionary in the back to find kanji we could use to write our names. So, with the choices available to me based on which kanji are used in The Book of Mormon, the combination I ended up deciding on means "An enduring example of men." I hope I can live up to that so that it actually has some significance. Speaking of which, I'm really enjoying working on reading The Book of Mormon in Japanese. I don't get a whole lot of time to do it since speaking is a much higher priority, but it's coming along, and my comprehension is around 80-90%. I still have to look up a couple of words now and then obviously, but it's fun.
There's so much stuff going on, and It's hard to decide what to share, mostly because a lot of it doesn't make sense without lengthy prologues, and I can't remember what I've already shared and haven't shared. Regardless though, it's been a great experience so far, and I'm looking forward to what else is in store. I miss you guys, and hope everything is going well for you all.
     Elder Blake

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