Tuesday, May 08, 2012

   Well everyone, I've arrived safe and sound at the MTC and successfully survived my first week! only about 10 more to go before I head out for Japan! It's been quite the adventure. Sitting in class all day, tutoring the other missionaries in Japanese, living on cafeteria food... but seriously though, it's been good! My companion is Elder Howell from the salt lake valley area, and we're rooming with Elders Crandell and Rollins. All four of us get along great, and have alot of similar interests. Elder Rollins took japanese for about 2 years in highschool, and is trying to dig that all back up since he forgot most of it, but Elders Howell and Crandell have no previous experience with Japanese at all. I've ended up turning into a tutor of sorts for our district, because between the four of us and the other four Elders in our district I'm the only one who can comfortably and successfully carry a conversation in Japanese, but everyone else is catching on quickly.
    I can tell that it's going to be an interesting stay here at the MTC though. I've never been one to sit around, so being in classes/ studying from 8 in the morning to nearly 9 at night is going to be fun to adjust to. We still manage to have fun though, otherwise we would all be insane. Then again, I don't think there's much hope for us anyways. Anyone who's stuck with me for 11 weeks is guaranteed to go insane. It's contagious after all.
    If any of you guys know Elder Mason Wall, then you should be happy to hear that he's doing great, and is safely on his way to Milwakee as of this (tuesday) morning! I managed to bump into him only twice, and that took quite some effort because as it turns out his meal times end about 5 minutes before mine begin, which effectively eliminated our best chance to meet up here at the MTC.
     I don't have a way to send digital copies of my pictures home here at the MTC, so you'll all have to wait until I get to Japan for anything to get put up. I love you all, and I hope you're all doing well! More adventures to (hopefully) come in the upcoming weeks!

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