Monday, April 15, 2013

   Hey there everyone! Sounds like everyone's having a good time! Things are going pretty well over here for us in Ushiku. Last week was crazy, and this week is looking about the same. First, I suppose you'll all want to hear why we were too busy to email last Monday and it got delayed to Wednesday. Let me explain... no, there is no time to explain, let me sum up:
   So Monday was just a crazy busy day. We woke up at our normal time, but had to get up dressed, and out the door by 7. We went over to a member's home to weed his front yard along with a couple of young men from the ward and Brother Okubo. For various reasons, the yard had been neglected for a while, so there were weeds everywhere. They weren't big, but they were everywhere. That was actually the first time I've done any yard work in Japan. It's a pretty typical service project back in America, but here in Japan, not many people have front yards that need tending, especially in Tokyo. Anyways, after that, Elder Miranda and I had to run back to the apartment to take showers and then run on over to Sister Kuroki's hair salon for Elder Miranda's hair cut. She did a great job, and it gave us a chance to visit a little bit. Sister Kuroki is a really funny lady. After that we did some much needed grocery shopping, then squeezed in an hour of companionship study to prepare for our lessons that day. After Companionship study, we had to go straight to a lesson with one of the guys from Napal we had met last Sunday  He ended up flaking on us, but we're going to try getting back in touch with him. After that we went straight to another lesson at a member's home, and that lesson went pretty well. We then went straight from that lesson to the train station, and went to the other English class that we volunteer at on Monday nights. Yeah, that was our day. Super crazy.
   Why didn't we take p-day on Tuesday then, you ask? Well, we could have, except on Tuesday we went on splits with the missionaries in Tsukuba after zone meeting Tuesday morning. So, we had to wait until after splits were finished on Wednesday to finish p-day. The zone meeting on Tuesday itself was pretty crazy too. We're about to start zone meeting (which was in ushiku), when Elder Hansen and his companion walk in, and they tell me that they found a guy on the way to the church from the train station, and we have a lesson with him next Monday at 7. Well that's pretty cool. Later that afternoon, I got a call from Elder Murray, and he told me that they found a guy who lives in ushiku on the way home from zone meeting, and we had a lesson with him the next day at 4. Wow. 2 new investigators, and their first lessons already scheduled for us. I could get used to that. Haha! We did end up meeting with the guy on Wednesday  His name is Carlos, and he's from Peru. He's a pretty interesting guy, and really sincere. It was probably the best first lesson I've ever been in on my mission so far. We have a Peruvian member in the ward, Milusca Miyake (she married a Japanese guy). We asked her to come to the lesson to help out, and she did. She showed up a little late, but before she got there we had a great lesson going with Carlos. When Milusca showed up and they were instantly friends (typical south american culture, right?). Anyways, she threw down with Carlos. She told him that he needs to listen to what we're saying, then he needs to pray and ask God if it's true, and then he's going to feel something, and when he does that's how he can know that it's true. Then she pretty much taught the rest of what we had planned for the lesson, and even told him about how she met with the missionaries and how she gained a testimony. Then to our surprise, after the lesson, she took him back to her house and he had dinner with her and her family. Milusca is a superstar!
Friday had some fun moments. We got a call from the missionaries over in the Abiko area. They had found a peruvian guy, and set a lesson with him that day at 3, but he doesn't speak english or japanese. They were wondering if Elder Miranda could go and help teach him since he speaks portuguese and can understand spanish. We of course were willing to help out. We actually had gone on splits with the Zone leaders Thursday afternoon, so we were splitting back in abiko's area, which was the halfway point, around noon. Instead of riding all the way out to abiko, going back to ushiku for about and hour, and then turning around and going back to abiko again, we decided to stay in abiko until the lesson and do some work over there for a few hours. In the tokyo mission, every area has their own fliers that we hand out with maps to the church on the back. That being said, we met up with Elder Hansen at the station so he could give us some fliers for the Abiko area. He pulled out this stack of fliers well over an inch thick, and said jokingly, "is this going to be enough?" We laughed, the took the stack. Suprisingly, in the two hours we had before the lesson at 3, we managed to get out alot of fliers. By the time we met back up at the church, the stack we handed back was maybe only a quarter inch thick or so. That was definitely a new record for me. Lots and lots of fliers.
   Saturday and Sunday was general conference, which was really good. I think I explained this last time, but in case I didn't, we watch conference a week late in Japan because of the time difference. To watch it live, the Saturday morning session at 10 would start at 2 on Sunday morning. As I'm sure you can imagine, nobody wants to do that. But, I really enjoyed conference. There were a lot of really good talks. But, you all watched it last week, so you already know that.
   That's about it for this week! More later!

Elder Blake

So, this is picture number 2 out of 2 for the transfer, and we're already 2 weeks through. I should probably do a better job about taking pictures, or else I'm not going to have any from this transfer. Anyways, this picture is pretty funny. Elder Miranda pulled out some french fries from the freezer, and decided he wanted french fries with dinner. So, I started cooking them. After they were already in the pan being cooked, I asked Elder Miranda, "Hey, what are we going to eat with these fries?" Do you know what he said? "uhh.... I don't know. I hadn't thought about it." After looking around the kitchen, we discovered that there was nothing to make to go with the fries. Elder Miranda gets this great idea to try putting curry on it. After all, curry on rice is way good, so maybe curry on fries is good too. I went with it, figured it wouldn't hurt. Maybe we had stumbled on a new extraordinarily delicious dish. Turns out we didn't. I wouldn't recommend having curry on fries. Ever.

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