Monday, July 23, 2012

   Hey everyone! I don't know if my sister put anything up last week since I wasn't able to email home, but It's been quite the adventure so far my first week in Japan! I'm currently in the Yamato ward of the Fujisawa stake. We have a military base in our area, so we actually have an english branch that we attend every sunday in addition to our Japanese ward. My trainer is named Elder Christensen. He's already been in the Yamato area for 12 weeks, and is pretty familiar with everything going on here. There are some pretty neat people here that I've met so far. I'm excited. Oh, and an interesting tidbit about our area: the chapel we meet in is the same chapel they have a picture of in the Japanese version of the Word of Wisdom Phamplet. Pretty cool, huh?
   Elder Christensen is a pretty interesting guy. He's from Salt Lake, likes to longboard, snowboard, his family used to travel alot, and he's been out for about 13 transfers. He's pretty mellow, and can be kinda quiet sometimes, but the members really seem to like him alot, so he must know what he's doing. I hope I can learn alot from him.
   The Yamato ward is fairly small geographically compared to some of the other areas in the mission, but there are still plenty of people, and it's still plenty big. Our apartment is about a 10 minute ride away from the Yamato subway station which is pretty central to our area. I was told on sunday that Yamato City has a population of about 300,000. Not too shabby. We have a handful of people we're teaching right now, but we're still doing our fair share of street contacting because they've all been fairly busy lately.
So my first full day was pretty exciting. Wendsday morning we did some training with President Budge, got a crash course on some basics of the mission from the office Couple, met our trainers, had lunch, and then we were off to our areas. Every wednesday night we teach english conversation classes as a community service project, which means that my first day in the field I ended up teaching an english class. That was fun. What's really funny is that all the lessons we've taught so far have been to investigators that aren't Japanese, so they've been in english. I have yet to teach a lesson in Japanese, and I've been here a week. I've done plenty of street contacting in Japanese, but haven't taught a lesson yet. Defintely not what I was expecting.
   My favorite thing about being in japan so far is probably the city itself. It's always really interesting to be riding around and see these really new modern buildings everywhere, and then in the middle of nowhere there's just this stone wall that could be hundreds of years old and you would never even know. The blend of modern and traditional architecture is really different from that back home. The weather has been pretty great lately too. Unfortunately, it's just not meant to last. My first couple of days were in the 90's with pretty close to 100% humidity. It cooled off for a few days when a storm blew in, but now it's starting to warm back up again.
I just sent some pictures home to my family, so once those arrive there should be a few getting put up on the blog soon. I hope everyone is doing well! More to come next week!

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