Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well everyone, it's been another interesting week here at the MTC. More of the usual schedule of class, studying, teaching, and more studying (which of course means sitting down all day). There have been a few highlights here and there though that are worth sharing about. First of all, the world is getting smaller every day. I found out that Brother Wadsworth, one of the branch presidency, is related to Sister Mosley who I know from the Mesa Temple Baptistry. Turns out that they're siblings. One of the new missionaries who came in two weeks ago is also from Gilbert, and she knows alot of the people from ward because she was friends with quite a few of them, so we have alot of mutual friends, but we've never met before. I've also seen three friends from home here at the MTC this last week. I saw Alex Annand last thursday, and I've bumped into him a few times since then. Sunday morning during breakfast I saw Cameron Smith and Ricky Van Neck, who both just arrived last week. That was completely unexpected. I had thought that they were both reporting after I left for Japan. Guess not.
This week all the new mission presidents are at the MTC for training before they all report to their missions Thursday morning. All the missionaries going to missions getting a new mission president got to meet their new mission presidents saturday night, which meant that I got to meet my new mission president, President Budge, saturday night as well. He seems like a really neat guy, and I'm excited to be able to work with him in just a few weeks. He served his mission in Japan, and since then he's lived in japan for 17 years. It's safe to say he's thoroughly familiar with the culture and the language. We all spent some time getting to know each other a little bit, and he shared with us some of his goals and plans for the mission. Our mission theme is going to me "idaina taigini ichi", which means "united in so great a cause". I'm excited. Only a few weeks left.
All the native Japanese missionaries arrived last night, and I got to meet a few of them for a little bit. I was a little sad when I found out that none of the native Japanese missionaries in this group are going to the Tokyo mission though. There are a few going to all the Japanese missions except Tokyo. It'll still be fun to talk with all of them and get to know them anyway. Last night I talked with Elder Honda, who actually came from Tokyo. He seems like a really neat guy, and we talked for almost 40 minutes. He actually has a brother that came with him to the MTC, so I'm looking forward to meeting his brother too. Elder Honda (the one I met) is going to the Kobe Mission, and his younger brother is going to the Nagoya Mission. It would have been really cool if they were going to the same mission, but being at the MTC together at the same time is pretty cool too.
That's about it for this week! I'd love to hear from all of you and see how you're doing! I have limited time for emails, but if you send a letter through the mail or dearelder.com I have enough time to respond to all those. More to come next week everyone! Later!

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