Monday, August 6, 2012

One of the garage doors I talked about last week
100% free banana split! Inherited ice cream & nutella from last
elders and bananas were a gift

Hey, sorry everyone, but this week's email is gonna have to be a short one. I went with Elder Christensen to Yokohama today for p-day, and we ended up getting back later than planned, so now I'm writing this real quick after our daily planning. So! That being said, here are some highlights for you all. The work is going fairly well here in Yamato. The members are great, and are always very helpful. Elder Christensen and I are working hard trying to find some new investigators, and are still working with our current investigators who are for the most part progressing, but only slowly. The other day, we actually streeted an older gentleman who was riding his bike, and we had an almost 15 minute conversation with him. During the course of that conversation, we found out he was 82. I was impressed. how many 82 year olds do you know that can still ride a bike around town? Crazy. So yesterday, Sunday, one of the members (Brother Honda, the brother of Elder Honda who I became friends with at the MTC) shared his testimony during sacrament meeting, and related the gospel to Kung Fu Panda. It was probably my favorite testimony of the day. It was about the part when Master Ugway is talking about the peach, and how even if we can decide when to harvest the fruit or where to plant the seed, nothing we can do will change the fact that it will grow into another peach tree. Elder Christensen and I also got to go to primary for the 3rd block of church. That was way awesome. The primary in Yamato ward is full of some really great kids. I had a great time, and it really reminded me alot of teaching primary back home. Today for p-day, like I said Elder Christensen and I went to Yokohama. We went to a place called landmark tower, which has an enourmous mall on the bottom 5 floors. We went to the pokemon center, which is a store dedicated to pokemon and pokemon merchendise. As you could probably expect, since we're in japan after all, the place was packed, and the customers were literally all ages, from stroller aged kids to 30+. We then went to the Shonan Jump store, which carries merchandise for alot of the more well known and popular anime series in Japan. We then went to China Town just a few blocks away, and explored over there for a while. Oh. and while we were grocery shopping, I managed to find a pineapple. I'm excited for that, especially since fruit tends to be pretty expensive in Japan and I got it for a good price.

That's about it for now! like I said, I don't have a whole lot of time since Elder Christensen and I got back late. I'll try to get a more complete email to you all next week! Love you, and it was good to hear from you all!

      Elder Blake

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